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Wes Klusmann Retires

Longtime Director of Camping Wes Klusmann Retires

In 1962 longtime BSA Director of Camping Wes Klusmann announced his retirement. Klusmann had played a pivotal role in the integration of the Order of the Arrow into the BSA, serving as the professional in charge of oversight. It was Klusmann who had hired Norman C. Wood and J. Richard Wilson as National Secretaries when it was a part time job and it was Klusmann that expanded the role of his next two National Secretaries, Phillip Robins and Martin Mockford.

In total, Klusmann had served the Order for 16+ years. Among Klusmann’s greatest contributions to the Order was his love of camping. He always insisted that the OA remember its roots in the council camp and camping. Klusmann was beloved by Arrowmen. He truly loved camping and he knew the well the Boy Scout and OA programs. He worked alongside volunteers and youth with ease. He is perhaps best remembered by a generation of Arrowmen for leading each National Conference in singing his favorite song, “The Happy Wanderer.”