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Our History

First OA National Secretary

Norman C. Wood - Becomes First BSA Professional Order of the Arrow Secretary

As soon as the OA was integrated into the BSA Wes Klusmann, BSA Director of Camping, needed to select the first National Secretary. This was not a high level assignment although it would be at BSA national headquarters. This job would have a huge clerical component. The National Secretary would be responsible for, among other duties, local lodge charter renewals, theNational Bulletin, maintaining Vigil Honor lists and coordinating supplies for local lodges.

Klusmann selected a very young professional, 22 year old Norman C. Wood. Klusmann approached Wood at the 1948 NOAC where he was the junior chairman for a group discussion on registration. Wood served as OA National Secretary from 1948 – 1951. He left to become a field executive and camp director with his home council in Springfield, Massachusetts.