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Ask the Chairman - Rule of Order

  January 24, 2018       Ask the Chairman

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Q: Mike,

Thank you for taking my question. My lodge has a different opinion than the national guidelines regarding the wearing of the sash and paying dues. I had researched the question which was answered clearly in the references here (sash/dues). When speaking to our local adviser he said he disagreed with the national guidelines, and that the lodge will follow its own views. How can this situation be addressed?

Thank you,

Concerned for the rule of order


A: Concerned,

Thank you for your question. Your lodge adviser was appointed by your council’s Scout Executive to keep the leadership of the lodge in the hands of our young men; additionally, he was also appointed to fulfill the mission and purposes of the Order of the Arrow while enforcing and adhering to the rules and policies of the Order and the BSA. The rules and policies of the Order of the Arrow are issued nationally, not locally.   

I have found in many instances over the years that the Scout executive may be able to add valuable insight into what the thinking is with regard to a specific situation. I would suggest that you have a conversation with your Scout executive about your concerns so that he might decide how best to address the adviser’s understanding of the full extent of his responsibilities.

I hope this helps! Thanks for doing what you do!