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Ask the Chairman - Order of the Arrow Sash

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman

Q. When should the OA sash be worn?

A. Your OA sash, wear it at OA events and when you represent the OA, over the right shoulder, never over the belt.

The Order of the Arrow Sash is the outward manifestation of the OA founding ideals: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. The rule of thumb is its appropriate to wear the sash is when you are doing official Order of the Arrow business or attend an Order of the Arrow ceremony. We wear the sash as a symbol of an ideal, it is not a rank, and it is not an item to "show off" your honor.

Examples of inappropriate times to wear the OA sash:

  • Troop Meetings
  • Campouts
  • Courts of Honor
  • Trainings such as NYLT, Woodbadge, Den Chief Training, IOLS, BALOO
  • FOS Presentations

The only acceptation to these is you are representing the Order of the Arrow in an Official capacity.

Examples of appropriate times to wear the OA sash:

  • Unit Election
  • Lodge Fellowship
  • Chapter Meeting
  • Lodge Meeting
  • Winter Banquet
  • Section Conclave
  • OA Training Event

The OA sash should always be worn over the right shoulder; it is not appropriate to wear the sash on your belt, as a neck tie, as a head band, or at the same time as a merit badge sash.