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Persian Gulf War

Operation Desert Storm, popularly known as the first Gulf War, was the U.S. - Allied response to Iraq's attempt to overwhelm neighboring Kuwait. On August 2, 1990, Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait and then on the morning of January 16, 1991, under the auspicies of a UN resolution, Allied forces began the first phase of Operation Desert Storm, also known as Operation Desert Shield. This was a decisive victory for the coalition forces, which liberated Kuwait and advanced into Iraqi territory.

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USA Defeats Soviet Union at Olympics

Heading into the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, the Soviet Union Hockey Team was heavily favored to win its fifth straight Olympic gold medal. They were the best team in the world.

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Reagan Elected President

Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th President of the United States in 1980. He would serve two terms as president, leaving office in 1989. While serving as Governor of California, he became active in the Golden Empire Council of the BSA.

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Truman Becomes President

Truman took office as the 33rd President of the United States three months into Roosevelt’s fourth term following Roosevelt's death. It was a rough time, and World War II was still raging. Truman was the one who made the decision to utilize the atomic bomb – a controversial decision.

Harry S. Truman was a strong supporter of the Boy Scouts. In addition to being the Honorary President of the BSA, Truman personally attended and opened the 1950 National Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, PA.

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Japan Surrenders Ending WW II

World War II ended within days of the United States dropping of Atomic bombs over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan unconditionally surrendered on September 2, 1945.  Both Goodman and Edson lost sons during the war. George Goodman and Stuart Edson were killed in action in Europe. Edson, having served in the reserve since his service in World War I returned to active duty as a lieutenant colonel and then attained the rank of Colonel shortly before his discharge in 1945.

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NBA Begins

The NBA was founded as the Basketball Association of America on June 6, 1946. The first game was played between the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies. The league changed its name to the National Basketball Association, (NBA) when the BAA merged with the rival National Basketball League (NBL) in 1949.

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First Modern Day African American Baseball Player

Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play modern Major League Baseball on April 15, 1947 at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York. Born in Georgia, the son of sharecroppers, the youngest of five children (Brother “Mack” won a Silver Medal behind Jesse Owens in the 200 Meter Dash at the 1936 Olympics), Robinson went to UCLA and served his nation in the military.

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US Enters World War II

The United States entered World War II after the surprise attack by Japan on December 7, 1941, on Pearl Harbor.

Many Scouts served valiantly in the service of the country expanding on the service that was rendered during World War I. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, an Arrowman, signed a letter asking Scouts "to take an important commission as Government Dispatch Bearers for the Office of War Information (OWI)." The Boy Scouts of America would become the "Official Dispatch Bearers" for the OWI and the main workforce for a poster distribution system. Thousands of young men were responsible for the delivery of posters to shops all across America.

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Roosevelt Elected President

Our nation’s longest-serving President (12 years) took office in 1933 with the promise that he was going to bring the United States out of the Great Depression. President Roosevelt entered the White House already as an active Scouter.  On August 23, 1933 President Roosevelt became the first and only president to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow.  

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Berlin Olympics

The 1936 Summer Olympic Games were hosted by Germany in the capital city of Berlin. The bid was awarded to Germany in 1934, two years before the Nazis became the governing party in the country. These games mark a modernization of the Olympics and many of the sports, techniques and processes (including live television broadcasts) used at the 1936 Summer Games are still in use today.

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Stock Market Crash

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States. The crash began a 12-year economic slump called the “Great Depression” that affected all the Western industrialized countries.

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Hoover Elected President

Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as the 31st President of the United States in 1929. During his Presidency, Hoover focused on pushing farm subsidy bills through congress; cracking down on gangsters participating in tax evasion (Al Capone was prosecuted); increased the amount of land used for National Parks and Forests (5.3 million acres).  Herbert Hoover was a strong supporter of the Boy Scouts. He launched the ‘Forward Movement and Development Program’ during a dinner in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the BSA in 1930.

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