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Our History

Roosevelt Elected President

Franklin D. Roosevelt Elected 32nd President

Our nation’s longest-serving President (12 years) took office in 1933 with the promise that he was going to bring the United States out of the Great Depression. President Roosevelt entered the White House already as an active Scouter.  On August 23, 1933 President Roosevelt became the first and only president to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow.  

He served as President of the Greater New York Councils and as president of the New York Boys Scout Foundation. During that time, he led the development of the Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp (TMR) from 1924 to 1928. In 1930, the BSA presented the Silver Buffalo Award to the then Governor of New York. He utilized the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a part of the New Deal, to build roads that are still used at TMR.  As President in 1937, FDR attended the 1st National Scout Jamboree. Roosevelt ultimately accumulated no less than 24 years of service to the Boy Scouts of America by the time of this death in 1945.