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Guide to Inductions

About the Guide to Inductions

The Guide to Inductions is the official publication of the Order of the Arrow detailing the complete inductions process that begins with the election of a Scout by the members of their unit and ends with the Arrowman’s Brotherhood ceremony. This publication provides the basis for building and improving the inductions experience in your lodge.

Lodge and chapter officers, committees, and advisers are highly encouraged to download and use this resource as they work to lead their lodge to sustainability, growth, and program excellence.

Download the Entire Guide to Inductions

The complete Guide to Inductions can be downloaded in its entirety

NOTE: These documents are password protected using Ordeal and Brotherhood Honor safeguards. For password information, please see Safeguarded Material.

Download Individual Chapters and Resources

For convenience and ease of printing, each chapter and resource to the Guide to Inductions are available below. Some resources are also available as fillable PDF documents and Microsoft Word documents to give you the ability to customize the letters and reports for your lodge.

NOTE: These documents are password protected using Ordeal and Brotherhood Honor Safeguards. For password information, please see Safeguarded Material.

Chapter 1: Introduction & Organizing the Inductions ProcessPDF

  • Welcome
  • Mission of the Lodge
  • Purpose of the Order of the Arrow
  • The Induction Sequence
  • The Purpose of Ceremonies
  • The Induction Principles
  • Administration of the Induction

Chapter 2: Managing Unit ElectionsPDF

  • Downloadable Unit Election Videos
  • Sample Letter Announcing Unit Elections – PDF | DOC
  • Unit Elections Rules and Procedures – PDF
  • Unit Elections FAQ – PDF
  • Unit Election Team Training – PDF
  • Unit Elections Team Checklist – PDF | DOC
  • Unit Election Ceremony – PDF
  • Unit Election Report – PDF | DOC
  • Unit Elections Evaluation Form – PDF | DOC
  • Adult Candidate Nomination Form – PDF | DOC
  • Sample Letter to Parents of Candidates – PDF | DOC

Chapter 3: Call-Out CeremoniesPDF

  • Suggested Call-Out Ceremony – PDF
  • Spirit of the Arrow Booklets – PDF

Chapter 4: Training Ceremony TeamsPDF

  • Ceremonies Evaluator Training – PDF

Chapter 5: Staging Induction CeremoniesPDF

Chapter 6: Ordeal AdministrationPDF

  • Ordeal Checklist – PDF
  • Sample Ordeal Schedule – PDF
  • Sample Parent Information Sheet – PDF
  • Sample Letter to Elangomats – PDF
  • Training Elangomats – PDF
  • Elangomat Work Sheet – PDF
  • New Member Ordeal Experience Survey – PDF

Chapter 7: The Ordeal WeekendPDF

  • Guidelines for Assisting Scouts with Special Needs – PDF

Chapter 8: After the OrdealPDF

  • JumpStart Resource Lodge Administration Guide – PDF

Chapter 9: Brotherhood CeremonyPDF (Brotherhood Honor Safeguard)

  • Sample Letter Encouraging Unit Service – PDF | DOC
  • Sample Letter Announcing Brotherhood Eligibility – PDF | DOC
  • The Brotherhood Hike – PDF (Brotherhood Honor Safeguard)

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