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Inductions Portal

Ceremony Resources

Ceremonialists and Arrowman can use this page to find the current ceremony texts and other useful training and resource files. Use these resources to deliver an effective ceremonial experience to candidates!

Ceremony Texts

Find and download the current ceremony texts.

Ordeal and Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Resources

A collection of ceremony videos and other resources have been made available to benefit any ceremonialist or adviser seeking good examples, new ideas, or simply inspiration.

Brotherhood Ceremony Resources

A group of resources designed to help Arrowmen understand the symbolism and lessons in the Brotherhood ceremony.

Vigil Honor Ceremony Resources

A group of resources that can help improve the experience for Vigil Honor candidates.

Cub Scout Ceremony Resources

Find the Crossover and Arrow of Light Ceremonies that Arrowmen can perform for Cub Scout Packs.

Approved Ceremonial Attire

Find the approved ceremonial attire options for use in the official Order of the Arrow ceremonies.