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Brotherhood Ceremony Resources

Conducting the Brotherhood Ceremony

Conducting the Brotherhood Ceremony: Notes for Ceremonial Principals and Advisers provides insight into key areas of the new ceremony. Interested Arrowmen and ceremonialists are encouraged to review the document for hints on symbolism, suggestions from the principals, and other useful commentary.

Deep Dive into the Brotherhood Ceremony

A very detailed Powerpoint presentation that explores best practice, symbolism, and much more for the Ceremony for the Brotherhood. There are embedded videos in the presentation, so the file is quite large (1.98 GB); please be prepared for a long download period.

NOAC 2018 Exemplar Brotherhood Ceremony

The national Exemplar Recognition program challenges Arrowmen to develop role model skills in ceremonial service. Selected teams must consistently demonstrate near-perfect memorization and excellence in five additional skills, both in advance (on video) and in person (at a National Order of the Arrow Conference).

The 2018 finalists conducted their ceremonies and received evaluations at NOAC in front of large audiences of Arrowmen. Their cheerful service inspired and trained the many attendees who saw both their ceremonies and the feedback from expert evaluators.

Uh-Tō-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge, Brotherhood Ceremony

Allowat Sakima: Thomas D.; Meteu: Chris T.; Nutiket: Shawn Y.; Kichkinet: Patrick R.; Adviser: Jim Ronayne

Team Interviews

The following video is a brief excerpt from the informal interviews conducted with the Exemplar team at the 2018 NOAC. It is both informative and inspirational, covering a range of questions of interest to Arrowmen of all stripes. Perhaps most importantly, they provide a glimpse into the deep friendships and personal fulfillment that comes from being a dedicated ceremonialist in the Order of the Arrow.

Uh-Tō-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge

Allowat Sakima: Thomas D.; Meteu: Chris T.; Nutiket: Shawn Y.; Kichkinet: Patrick R.; Adviser: Jim Ronayne