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Lodge Program Resource Videos

The National Committee of the Order of the Arrow has developed various video tools to assist lodges in the delivery of the Order of the Arrow program. These videos may be streamed or downloaded for use when not connected to the internet. To download a video to your computer, use the below links to access the video's Vimeo page. Then, click the "Download" button on the Vimeo page and choose your desired video resolution.

Lodge Program

2020 Unit Elections Video (View & Download on Vimeo)

This video contains a brief summary of the Order of the Arrow and its programs as well as an explanation of the election procedures. It is an invaluable resource to unit election teams.

Founder's Award Video (View & Download on Vimeo)

This remastered video explains the purpose of the Founder's Award and is recommended for showing prior to the awards presentation.

OA High Adventure

The OA High Adventure promotional resources are available here, and videos are available on the Order of the Arrow YouTube channel.