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News, ideas, and information for lodge leadership.

Lodge Ledger: Ohio Lodge Creates Program to Engage Membership

Many lodges struggle with membership retention, and others with simply recruiting new ordeal members. Marnoc Lodge of Great Trail Council in northeast Ohio is no exception.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Community Outreach - Scatacook Chapter of Owaneco Lodge Reaches Out to Local School

Lodges across the country make service to their council, camp and community a focus of their yearly program. Recently, the Scatacook Chapter of Owaneco Lodge took its community service a step further. The chapter wanted to provide service to the community in a meaningful and special way.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Lodge History Spotlight - Tetonwana Lodge

Not many lodges make it 50 years, let alone 75. Based in eastern South Dakota, northwest Iowa, and southwest Minnesota, Tetonwana Lodge is 76 years old.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: A Brotherhood Hike to Remember

Is your lodge looking for a new idea to encourage and promote Brotherhood conversion? Lodges across the country are turning to the nimat programs, using Brotherhood Hikes, as a way to deepen the bonds of brotherhood among Arrowmen who choose to seal their membership in our Order.

Jun 20, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #2 - Suggested NOAC Timeline - Top Ten Ideas

  1. Leadership Selection - Each lodge was previously encouraged to recruit a youth/adult Contingent Leadership Team (Update #1). If you have not done so already, look for a youth who has NOAC experience.

Jun 20, 2013   Centennial 2015, Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Forming the Circle: Lodge Dedicates New Longhouse

On April 12-14, 2013, the members of T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge completed their biggest and longest project in recent memory. The members of the lodge dedicated their new S. Edmond Packard Memorial Longhouse, their primary ceremony site and lodge building at Camp Pigott in Snohomish, Washington.

Jun 20, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Brief History of the Order in the Nation's Capital - Amangamek-Wipit Lodge

The year was 1952 when Navy Captain Jack A. Obermeyer and Ralph P. Lutz founded Amangamek-Wipit Lodge. Prior to that, National Capital Area Council was home to the Clan of the Mystic Oak (CMO), a pre-OA society.

Jun 20, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Nawakwa and Portage Lodge Receive National Recognitions

Nawakwa Lodge and Portage Lodge were each recognized with the National Service Award and E. Urner Goodman Camping Award. To receive just one of these awards is a great honor, but for a lodge to receive both recognitions in the same year is almost unheard of.

Jun 20, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 Helps Local Tribe Restore Repurchased Lands

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 based in Newport News, Virginia recently had a unique opportunity to extend their service to the community by helping a nearby Iroquoian tribe improve their lands.

May 19, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Early Ideas for Promoting NOAC 2015

NOAC in 2015 will be the most attended National Order of the Arrow Conference in history.

Lodge Ledger: National Trails Day 2013 to Give Lodges Chance to Get Outdoors, Give Back

Looking for a great lodge or chapter service project? Do you want to help build trails for everyone to enjoy? If so, you will probably be interested in participating in the 2013 National Trails Day on June 1, 2013.

May 19, 2013   Lodge Ledger