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Memorabilia Auction at NOAC 2018

During NOAC 2018, a memorabilia auction will be held to benefit the national Order of the Arrow endowment.

May 15, 2018   NOAC Navigator
Kings Island Reduced Rate

Kings Island Amusement Park has set up a reduced rate ticket if any lodges/contingents want to use it. We are merely facilitating a link for anyone to utilize. See this PDF for further details.

May 09, 2018   NOAC Navigator
What Is the Wayfinder Festival?

The Conference Festival subcommittee is excited to invite you to join us for the Wayfinder Festival, which will be held on Friday, August 3 from 12-5 pm.

May 09, 2018   NOAC Navigator
NOAC 2018 Will Showcase "Olympic" Quality Ceremonies

The 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will include live demonstrations by some of the best ceremonialists in the country, and YOU can be a part of it! This year the Inductions and Ceremony Events (ICE) committee will debut the ceremonies Exemplar Recognition program.

May 09, 2018   NOAC Navigator
2018 Congratulatory Eagle Scout Letters

The 2018 editions of the Eagle Scout congratulatory letters are now available from the national chief and vice chief. There is also a new edition available from the national chairman. These recognition letters are a great addition to any Eagle Scout's court of honor.

May 07, 2018   Announcements
2018 Josh Sain Memorial Youth Officer Scholarships

The national committee of the Order of the Arrow is pleased to announce the selection of the recipients of the Josh Sain Memorial Youth Officer Scholarships.

Apr 26, 2018   Announcements
Adult adventure weekend at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

The Adult Adventure Weekend is a brand-new, once-in-a-lifetime program offered this summer at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from June 20-24th.

Apr 26, 2018   Lodge Ledger
Introducing the SURGE Recognition Device to OA Elections

Check out this newly created program to assist lodges conduct elections at LDS chartered scout units.

Apr 26, 2018   Lodge Ledger
Striking Gold: Series on Journey to Excellence | What is JTE?

Beginning in 2012, the introduction of the Journey to Excellence (JTE) program evolved the way we understand membership and program data in the Order of the Arrow (OA). JTE aims to measure the performance of a chapter, lodge, or section, including what areas are excelling as well as what areas require more attention.

Apr 18, 2018   Lodge Ledger
2017 Natural Disaster Aid Offered by Arrowmen

As 2017 started to come to a close, the country was rocked by several devastating natural disasters. These disasters affected millions.

Apr 18, 2018   Lodge Ledger
Wah-Sha-She Lodge Old Christmas Tree Fish Habitat

After the holiday season most people are forced to throw out their Christmas trees, but that’s not the case for Wah-Sha-She Lodge, chartered to the Ozark Trails Council.

Apr 18, 2018   Lodge Ledger
NOAC 2018 Contingent Leaders Guide

The Contingent Leader Guide is now available and contains important information regarding the conference. The guide will walk you through several steps to update information in the Event Registration System.

Apr 17, 2018