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Service Corps to provide integral support and long-lasting camaraderie during Operation Arrow

  Peter Selfors             Operation Arrow 2023

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Introducing Service Corps

The OA Service Corps has a strong history of determined, selfless Arrowmen who provide the essential service national jamborees need to operate. 36 Arrowmen initially joined the OA Service Corps for the 1950 National Jamboree. The Service Corps has expanded as the jamboree has grown to fulfill the needs of the event. The 2023 National Jamboree is no different. 


Service Corps members can expect to be a part of something more than is offered in any other participant or staffing role. Not only is the Service Corps the thriftiest way to attend the jamboree but it also allows for the opportunity to see the entire jamboree, work with Arrowmen across the nation, engage in fulfilling service, be a part of high-energy camaraderie and represent the OA to the broader Scouting community. Service Corps members have the opportunity to serve at a national level and fully immerse themselves in what it means to be an OA member.


Patrick Mapp, 2017 jamboree vice chief for Service Corps, recalled the following about his adventure at SBR: 

“Serving as a Service Corps member is the hallmark of my Scouting experience. The compassion-led service, or as we called it ‘service with a smile’ was invigorating. Being surrounded by fellow Arrowmen from around the country, cultivating new friendships, all while living out the most important value of the OA, unselfish service, will change your life forever.”

Service Corps members will be divided into chapters - your chapter will be the team you work with daily, having fun and providing important service. Each chapter will have a section chief serving as chapter chief and two adults as advisers to help lead the 25-person team. Chapter meetings will be hosted in the coming weeks so you can begin to meet your team. Operation Arrow Leadership is still looking to grow the OA Service Corps for the 2023 National Jamboree. If you or a friend is interested, visit to learn more about registration. If you have any questions for the Service Corps leadership, please email @email