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A Common Tie

  Operation Arrow             Operation Arrow 2023

All Operation Arrow staff are cordially invited to the Summit Circle on the evening of Monday, July 17 for a rededication ceremony. The ceremony will inspire staff to recall their individual induction experience and recommit themselves to the tenets of cheerful service and servant leadership. Its ultimate directive will remind staff of the important role everyone plays as Scouting moves forward.

The ceremony will take place in two sessions. Service Corps and Program & Staff Services will attend the first session from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Summit Apex, Marketing & Communications and Administrative Services will attend the second session from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. 

The first session will meet at OA headquarters in Basecamp Alpha to walk over to the Summit Circle from Basecamp Alpha starting at 5:30pm, while the second session will leave Alpha at 7:30pm. First session attendees are encouraged to eat dinner after the ceremony, while second session attendees should plan to dine prior to the ceremony. 

Attire for the ceremony is the Operation Arrow staff uniform (zesty blue polo shirt and hat, Scout shorts or pants, Scout socks and appropriate hiking shoes). It is extremely important everyone brings water for the walk over and back. For those attending the second session, having a flashlight handy will be helpful when departing the Summit Circle. Hiking sticks are encouraged but not required. 

In the event of severe weather or other complications, look out for a notification on the Operation Arrow mobile app with further instructions.