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Recreation at Jamboree

  Operation Arrow             Operation Arrow 2023

After a long day filled with cheerful service at the jamboree, the OA, as part of the Operation Arrow Program and Staff Services’ Recreation pillar, will support staff by offering a myriad of games and activities in the evening, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. 

Be sure to stop by our “RecIt” tent in Alpha to explore everything we have to offer. There will be indoor activities such as movies, board games, and a De-Stress Zone, in addition to outdoor activities like cornhole and spikeball every night we are open. Along with these regular offerings, come out for our theme nights filled with serenades, waterworks, friendly competitions and a big birthday bash celebrating the 25th anniversary of Venturing. 

The RecIt tent will be open to all jamboree staff. It will be closed on Thursday, July 20 and Sunday, July 23. Any additional changes in scheduling will be communicated through the Operation Arrow mobile app. So, after dinner starting on Tuesday, July 18, grab your friends and fellow staff and head to Order of the Arrow headquarters in Alpha for RecIt’s grand opening. From all of us here on the team, let’s RecIt at 2023 National Jamboree!

Have film and/or activity suggestions? Contact us at @email