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Our History

Tom McBride

Profile - Thomas McBride

Thomas G. McBride was inducted into Anicus Lodge, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania in 1939. McBride became an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member. He was the Official Bugler at the 1940 National Meeting held at Camp Twin Echo, his local council camp. In 1952 McBride received the OA Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and in 1953 he was appointed to the National OA Committee. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Business and was vice president of marketing for Westinghouse Electrical Supply. He was a recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope awards.In 1978, after 25 years of service on the National OA Committee McBride was selected to succeed George Feil as National Committee Chairman. During Tom McBride’s six-and-one-half years as Chairman, he was adviser to National Chiefs Jeff Herrmann, Brad Starr, and Bob Wade. Under McBride’s leadership, the Order developed several programs including Arrowman’s Personal Involvement Award, the Founders’ Award, the commemorative medals series, the OA Trust Fund, and the E. Urner Goodman Scholarship program. He contributed to the success of three national conferences, National Indian seminars, and a Philmont Trek. During McBride’s term the Order grew from 147,000 members to nearly 164,000 members—nearly eleven percent—over five years.

For his service, Tom McBride was awarded the OA's inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002.

Tom passed away on February 7, 2009. He had served on the National OA Committee for more than fifty-five years. He left a legacy empowering the regions to enhance the operations of lodges and sections by holding regular, first-version National Leadership Seminars (NLS). His stewardship led to a significant increase in the Order’s endowment. Although the Order deeply misses Tom, his legacy still lives on.