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Trainings At Momentum Launch

  Jordan Diliberto       July 20, 2020       Momentum

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Training At Momentum Launch

Trainings are an essential part of our beloved organization, as they give Arrowmen the proper knowledge to not only be an effective leader but also to plan and execute successful events. Within the virtual Momentum Launch event, there will be plenty of opportunities to attend training sessions led by top-tier trainers from across the country that will give you insight on how to help improve your lodge’s structure, program, and operations. The broadcasting schedule for Momentum Launch follows two simultaneous streams, so participating Arrowmen will have two training to choose from at any time. The following summarizes all of the trainings being offered at the virtual event:


  • Activation Training - plan meaningful and impactful activation events, such as a new member dinner; become familiar with the resources available to you to aid in activating Arrowmen
  • Inductions Training – keep candidates and parents informed through the induction process through physical and digital interaction; learn best practices to encourage candidates to take their Ordeal and seal their membership six months later
  • Developing Lodge Leadership Training - learn to successfully plan and execute events such as Lodge Leadership Developments and Lodge Officer Summits; acquire strategies to actively work with lodge leadership as a team in order to make your visions a reality
  • Unit Elections Training - learn how to actively engage with units and unit leaders leading up to the election; gain insight on how to work with candidates during and immediately following the election process leading up to their induction
  • The Power of One Training - learn about the impact you can have as an individual on any project or team you work on
  • Momentum of Service Training - develop and execute meaningful service projects for your lodge, troop, and community; work with the beneficiary to ensure the project is successful to both their standards as well as your own
  • Practical Skills for the Future Trainingyouth-focused; whether you are in middle school, high school, or are building your future career, learn about skills and techniques you can carry with you through all walks of life; topics covered include: working efficiently on a team, self-presentation, and critical thinking
  • Opportunities for New Members Trainingyouth-focused; special awards and opportunities designed specifically for newly inducted arrowmen, such as a First Year Arrowman Award; why you should attend events such as fellowships, Conclave, and even another ordeal
  • Chapters Training - plan meetings and events that can revitalize activity in already working chapters; learn what tools and resources are available on the lodge level to help build a strong chapter foundation
  • Lodge Adviser Trainingadult-focused; learn how to effectively serve and guide the youth of your lodge in your role as lodge adviser; learn some best practices of being a lodge adviser from others who have been or are currently serving in the same position
  • Analyzing Situations Trainingadult-focused; reframing and focusing information using simple hand drawn methods
  • Communications Training - learn how to keep arrowmen engaged through newsletters, social media, and other publications; gain an overview on how to effectively use platforms such as Slack, Trello, and Airtable to keep your entire team in the loop and moving forwards


Note, some of the trainings are designed specifically for youth or adult audiences. Also, by becoming a virtual registered delegate, you can access an archive of all training sessions and streamed broadcast for future use. This perk is exceptionally useful if you cannot attend a scheduled training due to time conflicts, or if you want to watch two simultaneous trainings.  Learn more and register today at