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Perks of Being A Registered Delegate

  Ethan Syster       July 20, 2020       Momentum

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Exciting Benefits for Delegates!

“I’m a registered delegate, now what?” Now, as a registered delegate for Momentum Launch, you will have access to the full event experience! Registered delegates have numerous benefits to look forward to during the Momentum Launch event.

First, and perhaps most importantly for the patch traders attending, registered delegates will receive an exclusive event patch in the mail. Be sure to check your mailbox for your patch as the event grows closer!

For those Arrowmen who will be working during the day, or don’t want to get up early to watch training live, registered delegates will have access to an archive of the streamed program content. With this, you will be able to watch—and re-watch—streamed training, activities, competitions, and more whenever is most convenient for you. This archive will also be available to you months after the conclusion of the event.

Registered delegates will also be able to participate in the event-wide game. With points for participating in training and competitions, as well as for tasks that can be completed at home, the event-wide game is designed with the virtual experience in mind. Eating ice cream after the closing show? There are points for that! Submitting a question during a training? There are points for that! Cooking a meal for your family? There are even points for that!

Missing out on fellowship with other Arrowmen? As a registered delegate you will have exclusive access to our community platform where you can interact with Arrowmen from across the nation with additional opportunities for participating and engaging with the streamed content. With unique channels for each program element, as well as channels focused on specific topics of discussion, it will be easier than ever to interact with your fellow Arrowmen, trainers, and the national leadership of the OA!

With all of these benefits, it’s clear to see that as a registered delegate you will enjoy the best experience of the Momentum Launch event! We can’t wait to see you there!