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Ask the Chairman - Legacy Project Lodge History Book

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman     Centennial 2015

Q. Our Lodge is working on the Legacy Project history book. To whom should we send our lodge history PDF? What will be done with it? Should our lodge bring a hardcopy for display at NOAC? Do we bring it home after the conference or donate it to the museum following NOAC? Any help is greatly appreciated!

A. It is great to hear that your lodge is hard at work on its history book! We have asked the lodges to submit their histories electronically during the 2014 calendar year. Electronic submissions will continue to be accepted as we approach NOAC.

We also have asked them to print a copy and bring with them for display at NOAC. You can take these copies home with you after NOAC as we will have the digital copies in the digital archives for Scouts to peruse and researchers to study. We have no plans to keep the paper copies at this time.

Directions on how to submit the Lodge History Book electronically

Thanks for all your work in recording your lodge’s history, which is such an important part of our centennial celebration.