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Lodge History Book

With a lodge rock submitted and your lodge's legacy depicted on the lid, you will research and write a lodge history book in 2014. Each submitted history book will be viewable through the digital archive of the Order of the Arrow and incorporated into the 2015 NOAC program. By creating a thorough history you will preserve your lodge's unique story, which will be enjoyed by Arrowmen in the Order's next century.

Each lodge is asked to submit the contact information of the lodge's chairman and adviser for this project through the following survey. These lodge contacts will be sent monthly newsletters and helpful resources as they undertake this important project.

Click here to view the lodge history book instructions. Having trouble? Click here to view the getting started flyer.

Once you have a finished product please upload a pdf copy to:

Questions about the lodge history book aspect of the 2015 Legacy Project can be sent to: 

See below for resources that can be used in creating your history book. Files are in the Adobe PDF File format unless otherwise noted.

Lodge Resources:

  1. Historically Themed Activities at Lodge Events
  2. Lodge Historian Sample Job Description
  3. Lodge Historical Data (Excel Spreadsheet)
  4. Preserving Lodge History: Assembling Artifacts
  5. Lodge History Book Project Bibliography

Section Resources:

  1. Section Historian Sample Job Description
  2. Section Conclave Lodge Historical Display Competition

Important Links: