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Training Events

The Order of the Arrow is committed to providing quality in-person trainings for Arrowmen. Many of these trainings take place as part of other events, such as lodge fellowships, section conclaves, and national conferences. Other trainings take place as standalone events, like LLD, NLS, and DYLC. Regardless of how long the training takes or how it is delivered, the Order of the Arrow recognizes the importance of effective training and strives to make it available for every member.

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD)

LLD is the primary training program for local lodges. Many lodges hold regular LLD courses to train their lodge leadership and other members. LLD sessions may be downloaded from the Syllabi page.

National Leadership Seminar (NLS)

NLS is a weekend conference hosted by each region to train lodge leadership in the skills and attributes of leadership. NLS is open to both youth and adults.

Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC)

DYLC will deepen an adviser’s capacity to develop youth leadership within the lodge and chapter.

Conclave Training Initiative (CTI)

CTI is a program implemented to provide resources for sections offering training at Conclaves.

Philmont Adviser Training Conference

The Order of the Arrow hosts a national training conference which is strongly recommended for all current and incoming lodge advisers, as well as any adviser looking to find out more about the inner workings of a lodge.