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Philmont OA Adviser Training Conference

The Philmont Order of the Arrow Adviser Conference is for any currently registered adult Arrowmen of the OA, including professional Scouters, who are eager to improve their units back home. While at the conference, participants can enjoy the many benefits of Philmont Scout Ranch and the Philmont Training Center.

The conference is tailored to address the specific needs of the participants, to share information from successful lodges across the nation, and to discuss possible solutions to some of the common challenges faced by many chapters and lodges. Our goals are to challenge, educate and inspire the participants and staff!

Some of the topics that may be covered at the conference include how to improve membership retention, the effective techniques of lodge and chapter communications, helpful insight regarding the Journey to Excellence program, proven techniques to improve Brotherhood conversion, and other subject matter as requested by the participants. Participant input will have a large impact on what is discussed during the week, as we will strive to exceed the expectations of everyone in attendance!

The conference is led by members of the national Order of the Arrow committee and professional staff from the national Order of the Arrow office. Staff members have previously served as lodge advisers and bring a wealth of knowledge to the training while at the conference. Special guests will train throughout the conference including former and current national officers, members of the national committee and inspirational speakers.

While at the Philmont Training Center, participants and their families will have several opportunities to experience the many extracurricular activities that are available at both the Philmont Scout Ranch and surrounding areas. To learn more about the family programs, visit the Philmont Training Center website here.

Every evening and all day Wednesday, participants and their families will be able to enjoy many activities, some of which may include hiking, fishing, horseback riding, pottery-making demonstrations, museum visits, a Buffalo Barbeque on the Greensward, a Western Night of dance and games, and shopping in Cimarron and nearby towns.

Visit the Philmont Training Center website for more information about upcoming Adviser Training Conferences.