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Reemerging: Our Shared Goal

The instant we let these tough moments define this year and our legacies as leaders, we seal our movement’s fate. This year will be remembered for each day that we take the opportunity to advance our organization. Lodges must think outside the box to adapt our programs in this new normal.

This site will be updated regularly as we develop national resources and share best practices from lodges across the country. If your lodge or chapter has had success with an idea, we want to hear about it! Find out how you can share your innovation with OA leaders nationwide.

Over the next six months, we will redefine how 2020 impacts the Order of the Arrow. Our joint commitment to bold, decisive action will enable our organization to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before. As we move through the second half of 2020, we invite you to join us in staying true to that promise. Together, here’s how we’ll make it happen:

Lodge Objectives

These three objectives are essential for our organization to thrive. As a national organization, we are committed to joining you in these efforts through a six-point support plan.

Objective: Provide each eligible Scout an election opportunity by visiting every remaining unit before December 31.

National Officer Sponsors: Zach Schonfeld (@email) & Gavin Cho (@email)

Guiding principles from national support plan:

  • Implement a national training program directly to units
  • Update supporting video and written resources for unit visitations
  • Increase direct support for unit elections infrastructure

Updates and Accomplishments

  • Release of New Unit Elections Video

    • To aid in facilitating effective unit visitations, lodges and chapters are encouraged to use an all-new video intended to be played during a unit election.

  • Change to Adult Selection Policy

    • The OA now permits two unit-level adult leaders to be selected per three youth elected in order to increase the number of qualified advisers.

Objective: Encourage each candidate to complete their induction through upscaling individual outreach.

National Officer Sponsors: Patrick McInerney (@email) & Conor Power (@email)

Guiding principles from national support plan:

  • Launch resources to develop effective induction planning
  • Publicize strategies for safe, effective inductions, including utilization of a new inductions portal
  • Highlight strategies to meaningfully engage candidates

Updates and Accomplishments

  • Virtual Induction Guidelines
    • Lodges and chapters may hold inductions partially or entirely virtually in certain circumstances in order to comply with local- or council-imposed health restrictions.
  • Digital Inductions Portal
    • The OA LodgeMaster Team debuted a new set of digital tools for lodges to track inductions more effectively.

Objective: Inspire all existing members to become active Arrowmen through regular virtual and/or in-person events.

National Officer Sponsors: Noah Smith (@email) & Seth Greiling (@email)

Guiding principles from national support plan:

  • Launch an online program toolkit to inspire activating and engaging events at the local level
  • Offer regular virtual programming to Arrowmen and candidates
  • Enable lodges to bestow brotherhood virtually

Updates and Accomplishments

  • Digital Engagement Toolkit
    • This newly-created guide provides best practices for virtual programming compiled from local chapters and lodges nationwide.
  • Momentum Launch
    • Thousands of Arrowmen gathered together virtually on Aug. 4-6 for panels, trainings, and competitions at the Order of the Arrow's largest virtual event.