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Order of the Arrow Plan for supporting our Lodges while emerging from Shelter in Place

As our communities begin to emerge from sheltering in place and we adjust to our new “normal,” the Order of the Arrow will seek to help Lodges re-engage in their activities, support their local council, and provide cheerful service to their communities.

Goals and Objectives of this plan:

  • Provide lodges with suggestions and support to maintain an active, robust program that will attract membership participation
  • Maintain a priority for compliance with BSA and local health and safety guidelines
  • Focus on meeting the needs of the youth membership by providing structured activities that appeal to their desire for fellowship and fun while remaining consistent with our core principles and purpose.
  • Continue our focus on enhancing membership.
  • Maintain a sense of optimism as we develop a pathway that will ensure the future growth and relevance of the OA within Scouting and our nation.

Our Six Point Plan

  1. Communicate with our leadership/membership
    1. Message our Plan to Lodge key three in advance of the first National Message
    2. A National Message delivered once every month 
    3. Publish a model checklist and calendar of actions for the next six months at the chapter, lodge, section, and regional levels. Recognize this is a model, and individual lodges will develop equally as robust models that fit their geographic and council specific needs.
  2. Modify our traditional calendar of events to focus on unit elections and inductions in the months of June through December
    1. Objective, every unit will have or had an election in 2020
    2. Objective, every Scout elected will be able to be inducted
  3. Create expanded opportunities to induct adult unit leaders (View Update)
    1. Form a task force to explore and recommend opportunities
  4. Advance the roll out of the induction’s portal
    1. Lodge training made available for use as soon as possible
  5. Support our existing Arrow membership with engagement tools to keep them active
    1. Launch an online Arrow Training program
      1. Include a range of age appropriate online programs, with an emphasis on what will engage youth Arrowmen at certain ages
  6. The Order of the Arrow will encourage INNOVATION.  Guided by and in accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting and the Order’s Ten Induction Principles, encourage lodges to be innovative through these challenging times. 
    1. Encourage them to find ways to conduct summer and fall activities, with emphasis on inductions  
    2. As always, lodges need to ensure alignment of plans with their local Staff Adviser. The National OA Director and Assistant Director can help vet any ideas or plans, as such support is warranted.
    3. Idea Sharing: lodge will be asked to voluntarily share successful innovations with others, through the national social media platforms and the monthly national communication webinar / events.

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