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The world may have changed in recent months, but our core values of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service still remain true. We're excited to announce Momentum, an all-new national event held online and at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from August 3-8, 2020. Join us as we recommit ourselves to our sacred promise with a week of training, high adventure, and fellowship with Arrowmen from across the country!

You'll be the first to see some of the OA's new training programs, but only after you spend your mornings riding the Big Zip, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, or even BMX riding. We'll end each day of Momentum with evening entertainment and celebrate Scouting and the great outdoors. View the draft schedule here.

If you're interested in attending in-person, contact your lodge leadership today for more details. Arrowmen who were registered for NOAC are able to transfer their registration to Momentum. We will announce details for the free virtual event in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Here's some of what you can expect:

National Council of Chiefs: Lodge leaders from across the country will come together to discuss the current state of the Order and plan for our thriving future. This program will be offered both online and in-person.

Adviser Gathering: Want to talk to other advisers from other lodges? Join us for a lunchtime adviser gathering with national committee members and lodge advisers to talk about our most pressing challenges and opportunities.

The Hub: Need a quick break from the Summit's incredible program offerings? Sports competitions, recreation, and more await you at the the Momentum Hub!

Trainings: Do you want to add new skills to your leadership toolbox? Could you use some suggestions on how to improve our inductions? We'll have trainings for all in attendance, whether you're an experienced officer or adviser or a new Arrowman!

Service: Each participant is invited to join us throughout the week as we provide service to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, the home of the 2021 National Scout Jamboree and so much more!

Momentum: Launch

Looking for a virtual event experience? Check out Momentum: Launch! Join Arrowmen from across the nation for a unique virtual event experience taking place August 4th-6th. Momentum: Launch is more than a virtual program, it’s a fully interactive and engaging event experience that will launch the momentum our organization needs to continue filling its purpose during the new normal we find ourselves in.

Participate in games, activities, and competition with Arrowmen from across the nation. Learn from highly qualified trainers about interesting topics—both in and out of the OA. Ask questions to a panel of OA national officers. These opportunities and more will be available to participants of Momentum: Launch! Learn more and sign up today at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Additional FAQs about Momentum and NOAC can be found here.

Q: Is Momentum still happening at the Summit?

A: As of June 17, Momentum will occur as planned. The full update can be found here.

Q: Is there a minimum contingent size?

A: While there is not a specific contingent minimum, your lodge must abide by two-deep leadership and all policies within the Guide to Safe Scouting. As such, if one youth under 18 is interested in attending Momentum, the lodge must also have two adults 21+ attend.

Q: Can female youth still attend Momentum?

A: Yes, however the Guide to Safe Scouting requires that any activity where a female under 18 is present, there must also be a female adult leader age 21+. As such, you would also need to have at least one female registered adult contingent member.

Q: My contingent has youth under 18 and 18+ Arrowmen attending, but only one adult 21+. Can we have one 21+ adult if one of our youth is a “young-adult” ages 18-20?

A: No. The Guide to Safe Scouting requires two registered adult leaders 21 years of age and older if any youth under 18 are attending the event.

Q: Is there a quota or ratio for Momentum?

A: No. However, the OA encourages contingents to be a majority youth Arrowmen under age 21.

Q. If NOAC was cancelled due to health and safety concerns, why is an alternative event being offered?

A. The Order of the Arrow is committed to providing program opportunities for Arrowmen this summer. In addition, due to the decreased size of this event and the physical layout of the Summit Bechtel Reserve compared to Michigan State University, we are hopeful Momentum can take place. We are already working closely with the Summit and with West Virginia state health and government officials to ensure Momentum can meet the health and safety needs of all those who attend. On June 17th, currently registered Momentum participants were informed that the event will take place.

Q. How many people can attend Momentum?

A. We currently are working with local and state officials to determine the reasonable capacity of Momentum. For now, we are gauging interest, if any, so we can plan for the safety of those attending.

Q. Who does the CDC consider higher risk?

A. The CDC’s risk assessment of individuals can be found at

Q. Could the Momentum event be cancelled due to COVID-19?

A. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an unprecedented, fluid situation. We are already working closely with the Summit and with West Virginia state health and government officials to ensure Momentum can meet the health and safety needs of all those who attend. If we cannot meet the required health and safety needs of the attendees the event may be modified or cancelled.

Q. If Momentum is cancelled, will I receive a full refund of my event fees?

A. Yes

Q. I am a NOAC staff member; can I switch my registration to the Momentum event at the Summit?

A. Unfortunately no. Momentum is a contingent-only event. The staff will be minimal, and positions have already been filled. If you wish to attend Momentum, please reach out to your lodge and see if they will be hosting a contingent.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to participate in Momentum if I am not able to travel to the Summit?

A. Yes. We will offer a virtual event during the same timeframe as Momentum. If Momentum is cancelled the virtual event will still take place. For more information visit