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Guide to Unit Elections

This guide provides information on Order of the Arrow unit elections to both members and non-members. It can be distributed to unit leaders and others who want to know the policies regarding unit elections and how unit elections are conducted. All of the content in this guide is taken from the Guide to Inductions. However, the Guide to Inductions is not made available to non-members because it contains information on the Order’s ceremonies.

Lodges and chapters are encouraged to copy and reference sections of the Guide to Unit Elections and provide them to officers, committees, and advisers that need them. Sections, lodges, and chapters also may extract and reference paragraphs or sections for use in their publications and training documents. This guide elaborates on the broad objectives and policies contained in the Order of the Arrow Handbook and in the Guide for Officers and Advisers. It has been written to support and expand on the Lodge Leadership Development conference (LLD) training sessions concerning inductions.

Guide to Unit Elections Available Online

Electing New Members Unit Elections [High Quality 327 MB, MP4 | Standard Quality 90.1 MB, MP4]

This video contains a brief summary of the Order of the Arrow and its programs as well as an explanation of the election procedures. It is an invaluable resource to unit election teams.


You are encouraged to submit your comments, suggestions, and questions about the Guide to Unit Elections to the national Order of the Arrow committee by sending an email to @email.