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NOAC 2024 will be held at the University of Colorado Boulder from July 29th-August 3rd, 2024!

Pre-Registration FAQs for NOAC 2024

Frequently Asked Questions before registration is opened in October of 2023.

Q: What is NOAC?

A: The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is the flagship national Order of the Arrow event. It is generally held every two years at a major university campus and is attended by 4,000 to 8,000 Arrowmen from all 50 states. It is second only to the BSA National Jamboree in size and scope.

Q: When and where will NOAC be held?

A: NOAC 2024 will be held from July 29 to August 3, 2024, at the University of Colorado Boulder. This is the first NOAC hosted by UC Boulder.

Q: Who can attend NOAC?

A: Any currently registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and the Order of the Arrow. Attendance requires the review and approval of your local Scout executive or their designee. All attendees must provide a valid BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) forms A, B, and C. Adults must also complete Youth Protection Training through My.Scouting.

Q: When will registration open?

A: Registration will open on or around October 2, 2023. Additional Contingent registration information will be published in the Contingent Registration Primer, scheduled for publication in mid-September 2023.

Q: How do I register?

Each lodge must appoint a youth and adult contingent leader and build a contingent to attend the conference. If you are interested in attending the conference, you should contact your lodge leadership. Arrowmen serving on staff will register individually. Registration will be managed through the National Order of the Arrow Event Registration System (NOAERS) found online at

Q: How much does NOAC cost to attend?

A: The cost to attend NOAC is $625/early fee and $675/standard fee per delegate and staff member. This and other cost information (e.g. individual delegate fees) will be formally published in the Conference Registration Kit early September 2023. Conference fees cover the promotion patch (delivered after receiving the paid deposit), conference patch (provided upon arrival at NOAC), residence hall housing, meals starting with Monday dinner and ending with Saturday breakfast, credentials and other program materials. Additional fees for transportation to and from the conference and any contingent expenses are at the discretion of your lodge.

Q: Will you allow individual registrants as you did in 2022?

A: Yes! In 2022, the conference committee introduced the individual registrant category that allows members of the Order of the Arrow who are 21 or over and have the permission of their lodge adviser and scout executive (or their designee) to attend the conference without serving on staff or as part of their council contingent. Individual registrants enjoy all the benefits of contingent delegates. Cost for the individual registrant program will be available in fall 2023.

Q: How can I register as a staff member?

A: Staff registration will open at the same time as contingent registration. Staff members require the same local approval and documentation as contingent members, with additional approval from the lead adviser of the NOAC committee to which you apply. Lead adviser contact information will be available in the forthcoming Staff Registration Primer, which will be released prior to registration opening. 

Q: When will the Contingent Registration Primer (formerly the Conference Registration Kit) be available?

A: The Contingent registration primer is scheduled for publication in mid-September 2023.

Q: When will the first Contingent Leader Information Webinar be held?

A: The first Contingent Leader Informational Webinar will be held on September 25 at 9 p.m. EST via zoom. More information and the RSVP link are available on Contingent Leaders.

Q: Will a quota or youth-to-adult ratio be enforced?

A: There are no lodge capacity quotas. The NOAC committee always recommends a 2:1 youth-to-adult ratio for your lodge contingent to maximize the youth delegate experience. Your contingent cannot have more adults than youth. Youth protection must be adhered to at all times.

Q: Are there day passes available?

A: Day passes are unfortunately not available for NOAC. Everyone attending NOAC must be a registered delegate, staff member or invited guest. This is to ensure we meet BSA youth protection and university guidelines.

Q: How early can we arrive on campus?

A: Contingents should plan to arrive on the UC Boulder campus no earlier than Monday, July 29. There are no accommodations available for early arrivals. Contingent check-in times will be assigned during the registration process. The first meal provided will be dinner on Monday, July 29.

Q: When should we plan to leave?

A: The program officially concludes with the Friday evening Theme Show and any post-show activities. The final meal served will be breakfast on Saturday, August 3.

Q: Will transportation between the airport and campus be provided? 

A: NOAC will provide a shuttle between Denver International Airport (DEN) and campus. The price and other details are to be determined.

Q: Will transportation between the train station and campus be provided?

A: NOAC will provide a shuttle between Denver Union Station and campus. The price and other details are to be determined.

Q: Where will we be housed?

A: Contingents and staff will be housed and eat meals in university residence halls located throughout campus.

Q: How can my lodge begin promoting?

A: Gathering interest and excitement for NOAC early is a best practice for lodges to bring as many Arrowmen as possible. The NOAC Champions program is set on jumpstarting this process. Lodges can send out save-the-dates on social media or email to their members, create an interest form to begin recruiting Arrowmen to attend and speak about NOAC at lodge events. Some lodges may decide to begin fundraising to help lower the cost for Arrowmen.

Q: What can Arrowmen expect at NOAC?

A: NOAC will be the largest OA event of the year. Arrowmen can expect only the best and most exciting activities, training sessions and shows. Attendees will meet their fellow Arrowmen from around the country and have the opportunity to trade patches, make new memories, and find lifelong friendships. Each day will begin with premier training sessions and close with an exciting show. Arrowmen will have the freedom to choose their own journey and which activities they attend throughout the day.