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NOAC 2024 will be held at the University of Colorado Boulder from July 29th-August 3rd, 2024!

NOAC Champions

      The 2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will host thousands of Arrowmen at the University of Colorado Boulder from July 29 to August 3, 2024 for the largest Scouting event of the year. Arrowmen will have the opportunity to partake in a week full of nonstop fun, including engaging training sessions, exciting afternoon activities, enticing games, and remarkable evening shows. When Arrowmen step onto campus on July 29, they will join a growing spirit of Scouting pervading Boulder. Soon after, our opening show will fill shoulder to shoulder as we celebrate everything our order is and can become.

      In order to have the largest impact possible at NOAC 2024, we must present a captivating and clear message to spread the opportunity of NOAC to all Arrowmen in our organization. This is where NOAC Champions enters. NOAC Champions is a short-term position held by at least one youth and one adult (21+) from each lodge who serve as the promotional leads for their lodge until their contingent leaders are identified at registration beginning in October 2023. They are boots-on-the-ground promoters that champion the fun and impact of NOAC in an enticing message. This includes giving lodge-wide presentations, pitching directly to Arrowmen in conversation, establishing a social media and web presence for their lodge and sending promotional emails, among other promotional efforts. They act as a champion of NOAC by presenting their personal testimony of NOAC. Lodge advisers will appoint NOAC Champions to their section chief. They can be any Arrowmen in the lodge, including the lodge chief and adviser. Successful NOAC Champions have been to a NOAC before, are effective communicators, polished presenters and have strong relationships with members of their lodge.

      NOAC Champions are empowered with the latest promotional tools and charged with the role of generating excitement and anticipation for NOAC 2024 among youth and adult members. This allows for the options for the pre-registration promoters and post-registration contingent leaders to be different members. If you are interested in being a NOAC Champion, reach out to your lodge adviser. If the roles are already filled, you can join their team and help share the fun of NOAC.