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Our History

First Ceremony Booklet

First Degree (Ordeal Ceremony) in booklet form Ordeal is Rewritten - The Legend is Introduced in Meter

In 1921, the Grand Lodge distributed First Degree and Second Degree ceremonies in 8½" x 11" mimeographed booklets.

By 1927, it was decided that the First Degree (Ordeal) Ceremony should be printed in booklet form. The booklet was 5” x 7” and was 24 pages long. Folded vertically, it fit easily into a pocket, a tradition that lasted until 1998 when the booklet was replaced with a printed 8½” x 11” booklet. The booklet included the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony as well as the Ordeal Ceremony. The Legend in poetic form was introduced in this booklet as well.

The Second Degree (Brotherhood) Ceremony remained in mimeograph format until a first booklet was printed in 1936.