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Our History

National OA Committee Formed

National Executive Committee disbanded and National Committee on Order of the Arrow is formed

With the integration of the OA into the BSA reorganization of the national OA infra-structure was necessary. Gone was the old National Executive Committee and in was the new National Committee on the Order of the Arrow. The OA would report to the Director of Camping. That person in 1948 was Wes Klusmann. Klusmann had already served on the old National Executive Committee as the National Council BSA representative. His role would actually be about the same. The National Committee on the Order of the Arrow would be a sub-committee of the Committee on Camping and Special Event.

The OA’s representative on the Committee on Camping would be a new position, the OA National Secretary, a BSA paid Scout professional.

The President of the BSA with approval of the BSA National Executive Board appointed the National OA Committee and its Chairman. Committee members no longer would have to stand election at National Meetings. Essentially the National Executive Committee was transferred to the National OA Committee. The initial National OA Committee had 10 members, including the Chairman, each representing one or two of the twelve Scout regions. Two BSA representatives, Wes Klusmann and E. Urner Goodman would complete the committee. Now that the BSA had assumed complete control of the OA, the leadership of the Order under the National OA Committee would increasingly have fewer Scout professionals. Scouters would now be the ones running the Order.