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Our History

George Chapman

Profile - George W. Chapman

George W. Chapman is most remembered for being the first Chief in the Order. He was elected Sakima, Chief of Wimachtendienk in 1916. E. Urner Goodman had felt that it was important that a youth leader led the WWW.

Chapman had joined Scouting in 1912 and attained the rank of Life Scout. Chapman was a charter member of WWW and was initiated on August 13, 1915. In November of 1915 he was selected to be the Chairman of the Constitution Committee and the Organization Committee at the first organizational meeting of WWW. On November 5, 1921 George Chapman kept his Vigil. He was the eighth overall Third Degree member in the Order. Chapman’s Vigil name Netami, “The First”, was chosen in reference to his service as first Chief.

Chapman served the Order throughout his entire adult lifetime. He served as the second Vigil Honor Secretary, a National Executive Committee / National OA Committee level position, from December 27,1942 until December 31,1952. He received the OA’s Distinguished Service Award in 1946, one of the first twenty recipients. After retiring as Vigil Honor Secretary, Chapman continued to serve the National OA Committee as Editorial Advisor. Chapman passed away in May 1970.