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Our History

Fifth National OA Committee Chair

Tom McBride Named Fifth National OA Committee Chairman

After a record eighteen years serving as National Order of the Arrow Committee Chairman, L. George Feil retired from the position in 1978. National Boy Scout Committee Chairman Alec Chesser named Thomas G. McBride as Feil’s able replacement.Tom McBride was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 1939 as a member of Anicus Lodge, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.

McBride then served as the Official Scout Bugler at his local Scout camp for the 1940 National Meeting held at Camp Twin Echo. Twelve years later in 1952, McBride received the OA’s Distinguished Service Award. He was appointed to the National OA Committee in 1953 and later served as a Vice Chairman.

McBride served as National OA Committee Chair six and a half years until 1984 when Dr. Carl Marchetti became the new Chairman. Tom McBride was honored with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 in part for his service as Chair and over fifty years of service on the National OA Committee.