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Our History

60th Anniversary Award

Order of the Arrow Creates 60th Anniversary Bicentennial Award

The Order of the Arrow (OA) celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 1975. In keeping with tradition established ten years earlier during the Order’s 50th Anniversary, the celebration was a national event. In addition to the OA milestone, America was also about to celebrate its bicentennial. To recognize these two historic events, the National OA Committee established the Order of the Arrow 60th Anniversary Bicentennial Award. The award was designed so that individual Arrowmen, as well as lodges and chapters could actively participate in the nation’s bicentennial celebration. To acknowledge individual participation, Arrowmen who satisfactorily completed specific requirements prior to their 21st birthday could earn a special 60th Anniversary Bicentennial Award. The embroidered emblem was to be worn in the designated location on the Arrowman’s sash, in a manner similar to the OA’s 50th Anniversary Award. At the time, the 50th and 60th Anniversary Awards were the only badges authorized for display on the OA sash. The requirements for the 60th Award included Arrowman’s Personal Development; Bicentennial Involvement; and Unit, Lodge, or Council Involvement. All requirements were outlined on an official scorecard, and were to be completed between September 1, 1975 and June 14, 1977. Nine lodges and two chapters qualified for the special 60th Anniversary Bicentennial Certificate.

 The next time the Order offered an anniversary award was for the 75th Anniversary.