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Your Role in the NOAC Planning Process

  Brendan Switts             Section Sentinel       NPM 2017

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With the 2017 National Planning Meeting (NPM) only a few weeks away, it is never too early to start thinking about your role as section leadership in the planning process for the 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). With a return to Indiana University, new conference programs and the introduction of remote delegates, this NOAC has the potential to be one of the Order of the Arrow’s (OA) best national events.

There will be several conference-wide changes this year:

  1. Medical Form Submissions: Unlike 2015, there will not be a pre-submission system for medical forms. Instead, participants and staff will bring physical copies.

  2. Remote Delegates: Falling under Messaging, there will be an opportunity for Arrowmen to participate in the conference remotely.

  3. Region Gatherings: Replacing the Hodag, four region gatherings will be held Thursday night at the conference, the only night that does not have a show. The 2018 region chiefs will collaborate with the Activities & Recreation Committee to provide vision, content and program ideas for the events.

  4. Relaxed Uniform Policy: This year, Class A will be required only at the opening, recognition and theme shows.

  5. Sustainability Committee: New this year, the sustainability committee will sit underneath Logistics with its respective region chief acting as its youth lead.

The conference management team will be made up of the conference chairman, the deputy conference chairmen, the national director, the associate national director, the national officers and the region chiefs. Following the national and region officer elections at the NPM, region chiefs will be assigned conference deputy positions, which oversee Messaging, Program, Logistics and Finance. The national chief will work alongside the conference chairman and the national vice chief will oversee scheduling and facilities.

Additionally, section chiefs will be assigned to committees. They include Activities & Recreation (ARC), Adventure Central, American Indian Activities (AIA), Communications, Conference Festival, Engagement, Inductions & Ceremonial Events (ICE), Shows, Special Events and Training. The specific duties for each committee will be discussed in detail at the NPM. Later in the day after assignments have been made, each committee will elect a conference vice chief (CVC).

Additionally, there are committees for Administrative Services, Financial Services, Legacy Center, National OA Endowment, Medical, Security, Service Corps, Sustainability, Technology and Trading Post. None of these have youth assigned to them.

In addition to the conference-wide changes, there are numerous changes to specific committee operations.

  1. Engagement: First implemented at NEXT: A New Century, the Engagement Committee is new to NOAC and will be responsible for all that impacts the delegate and staff experience. Under this committee, there will be an introduction of an online orientation completed via video and not during the check in process.

  2. NESA@NOAC Committee: No longer a separate committee, any NESA engagement will be organized through Program with a specific conference committee.

  3. Shows: The 2015 Centennial Show is being replaced by a “Heritage Show,” with its final name still under development.

  4. Special Events: The 2015 Centennial Gala will be replaced with the Section Officer / Adviser Banquet.

In addition to all of these changes, make sure to take note of the new Staff Recognition and Memorabilia Policy, which will be released at the NPM.

As you prepare to travel to Dallas later this month, take some time to think through your role in NOAC this year. This event will be successful only through the collaboration of hundreds of Arrowmen, how will you make your impact?