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Polestar: Induction Leadership Training

  Joseph Fletcher             Section Sentinel

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“Be you steadfast as the Polestar, self-reliant, undiscouraged...”

These are among the lines spoken to Ordeal candidates by Kichkinet in the pre-Ordeal ceremony, but the Induction adventure begins long before that. In fact, it begins at a candidate’s election and doesn’t end until they attain Brotherhood membership. The lessons that Arrowmen learn through their complete Induction propel them to a life of servant leadership animated by the Admonition. Since the Induction process is the one common aspect of the Order of the Arrow that we all share, it’s extremely important we get it right. Lodges have a central responsibility to ensure the unique experiential learning opportunities that make up the Induction are powerful, memorable and inspirational.

That’s where Polestar comes in. Polestar is a new, first-of-its-kind national training program intended to help lodge leadership gain a greater understanding about the Induction process (which includes the election, call-out, Ordeal, and Brotherhood) and why it is so important to provide candidates with a consistent, quality experience. We must remain steadfast in the principles revealed through the Induction that bind us together and offer a meaningful and fulfilling Induction to all candidates that come before us.

As a result of participation in the training, lodges can expect improved positive impact of our programs in the lives of members, increase in membership activation and participation, and accelerated progress toward achieving High Performing Lodge status.

Polestar: Induction Leadership Training is a four-hour experience - two hours of video presentations (including time for breaks) and two hour of guided-question discussions. The training format is flexible: Polestar can be offered as part of a lodge (e.g., a Lodge Leadership Development) or section training event, or broken into a sequence of shorter training sessions as part of lodge executive committee meetings. Polestar is for all lodge and chapter leaders, as the Induction is at the heart of the lodge program.

The first phase of the Polestar program will involve training selected delegates from each section (at least two youth and one adult) who will be prepared and equipped to support the lodges in their section to facilitate Polestar training at the local level. Section leaders are encouraged to participate in this program as well. Lodges will then be encouraged to conduct the Polestar program for their key youth and adult leadership and Inductions team members on an annual basis.

The Induction adventure has always been the key component of the Order of the Arrow that ties our Brotherhood together. Now, more than ever, we need to refocus on the principles that make that Induction process meaningful. Polestar will give us the resources we need to help guide future Arrowmen in their Induction adventure and help lodges provide the best possible experience to candidates and members.

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