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Section SR-7A Works Towards Unit Election Evaluations

  Andrew Garcia       December 16, 2018       Section Sentinel

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Unit elections can be the first interaction a unit or Scout may have with their local lodge, so they are an important facet of becoming a High Performing Lodge. Immediate past SR-7A Section Chief and 2018 National Chief Anthony Peluso suggested that lodges in the section compete on their ability to host and facilitate a unit election. In 2018, at Section SR-7A’s Conclave, section leadership assembled a committee that would tackle this new lodge competition event. All lodges would be asked to compete in the event, and to add some incentive, the competition was added to the scoring system for the section’s annual ‘Lodge of the Year’ award.

The evaluations are judged by a panel composed of youth and adults, who will make suggestions the unit election teams based on their strengths and weaknesses. The section leadership were very satisfied with the program’s success.  

“It was great to see that a majority of the audience were new Arrowmen who were eager to learn more about the unit election process, how they could help in the process and have the chance to better grasp the idea of why the unit election plays such an important role on the path to membership.”

They are also encouraging other sections to bring this to their conclaves this coming year.

“Your lodges will have the chance to learn from one another and bring an excellent experience to a unit as well as an excellent first interaction with a unit member’s first encounter with the OA.”