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NOAC Insights: Region Gatherings

Andrew Zucker     June 07, 2018     Section Sentinel     NOAC 2018

We all take pride in where we come from. At the 2018 NOAC, Arrowmen will have a chance to celebrate their roots during the Region Gatherings. Each of the four regions will have a separate gathering - designed to celebrate what makes them unique.

Arrowmen will have the opportunity to meet their region chief, fellow Arrowmen, and enjoy various fun activities, including a talent show!

Sections should encourage all Arrowmen to bring their region pride: chants, swag and anything else that makes them a proud member of their region.

Region Gatherings will transition partway through the event into Section Gatherings. This will serve as a great opportunity for Arrowmen to meet members from their own section and learn more about their local programs.

We cannot change where we came from - but we can change where we go. Are you ready to celebrate your roots - and your future -  at NOAC?