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NOAC 2015 - Chiefs' Circle

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With an expected attendance of 10,000 Arrowmen, a lot of recruitment among local lodges will be needed. The Chiefs' Circle is a challenge  for lodges that might not have the resources to qualify for the 100 Plus Club, but still want to participate in the challenge to bring more attendees to NOAC 2015. Lodges will qualify for the Chiefs' circle by either:

1. Double the lodge attendance from NOAC 2012


2. Bring 15% the lodge's re-chartered membership for the 2015 year.

Lodges that meet their Chiefs' Circle goal will be specially recognized for their accomplishment during the conference. They must also meet the basic criteria for the Centennial Challenge.

The lodges below have accepted the challenge of the Chiefs' Circle and includes their attendance goal.

If your lodge is not in the list, please have the lodge adviser or lodge chief contact your Centennial Guide to discuss these opportunities so we can track your progress toward the big centennial celebration! See you at Michigan State University for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference!

Central Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
C-1A Wahpekute Twin Valley 50
C-1A Naguonabe Central Minnesota 24
C-1A Pa-Hin Northern Lights 44
C-1B Blue Ox Gamehaven 20
C-1B Ni-Sanak-Tani Gateway Area 15
C-1B Tom Kita Chara Samoset 25
C-3A Konepaka Ketiwa Illowa 60
C-3A Wenasa Quenhotan W.D. Boyce 70
C-3A Sac-n-Fox Winnebago 30
C-3B Nisha Kittan Lewis & Clark 52
C-4A Marnoc Great Trail 50
C-4A Sipp-O Buckeye 70
C-4A Wapashuwi Greater Western Reserve 50
C-4A Onondaga Ohio River Valley 36
C-4B Menawngihella Mountaineer Area 30
C-4B Chi-Hoota-Wei Buckskin 50
C-5A Kansa Quivira 50
C-5A Kit Ke-Hak-O-Kut Mid-America 30
C-5B Mitigwa Mid-Iowa 60
C-5B Nampa-Tsi Great Rivers 60
C-6A Nischa Chuppecat Hoosier Trails 30
C-6A Takachsin Sagamore 10
C-6B Miami Miami Valley 20
C-6B Mawat Woakus Black Swamp Area 45
C-6B Tindeuchen Erie Shores 10
C-7 Pachsegink Des Plaines Valley 25

Northeast Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
NE-1 Madockawanda Pine Tree #218 46
NE-4B Kuskitannee Moraine Trails #500 34
NE-4B Allohak Menewi Laurel Highlands #527 70
NE-5B Unami Cradle of Liberty #525 58
NE-5B Lowappaneu Northeastern Pennsylvania #501 60
NE-6B Kittatiny Hawk Mountain #528 50
NE-6B Wunita Gokhos Pennsylvania Dutch #524 25
NE-6B Guneukitschik Mason Dixon #221 12

Southern Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
S-1A Atchafalaya Evangeline Area # 212 40
S-1B Tiak Pine Burr Council # 304 50
S-2N Penateka Texas Trails # 561 6
S-2N Tejas East Texas # 585 54
S-2N Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Longhorn # 662 72
S-2N Nakona South Plains #694 20
S-4 Osceola Southwest Florida #88 24
S-4 Timuquan West Central Florida  # 89 46
S-7A Shenandoah Stonewall Jackson #736 40
S-7A Wahunsenakah Colonial Virginia #595 50
S-7B Croatan East Carolina #426 45
S-8 A-Booik-Paa-Gun Desota Area # 13 13
S-8 Wachtschu Mawachpo Westarc # 16 35
S-8 Wisawanik Arbuckle Area # 468 4
S-8 Washita Cherokee Area # 469 25
S-8 Ema’o Mahpe Cimarron # 474 8
S-8 Ma-Nu Last Frontier # 480 57
S-9 Alibamu Tukabatchee #5 54
S-9 Chattahoochee Chattahoochee # 91 25
S-9 Ini-To Flint River #95 25
S-9 Withlacoochee South Georgia # 98 30
S-9 Waguli Northwest Georgia #100 25
S-9 Pilthlako Okefenokee Area # 758 30

Western Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
W-1N Tatalyia Grand Columbia Council #614 10
W-1S Tsisqan Oregon Trail #697 25
W-1S LoLa`Qam Geela Crater Lake #491 25
W-1S T`Kope KwisKwis Chief Seattle #609 50
W-3S Ohlone Pacific Skyline #31 10
W-3S TaHeetch Sequoia #27 15
W-4N Chumash Los Padres #53 25
W-4N Siwinis Los Angeles #33 50
W-4N Spe-Le-Yai Verdugo Hills #58 12
W-4N Topa Topa Ventura County #57 10
W-4S Cahuilla Cal. Inland Empire #45 50
W-4S Puvunga Long Beach 40
W-4S Ta Tanka San Gabriel Valley #40 30
W-5S Ha Kin Skay A Ki Pikes Peak #60 45