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NOAC 2015 - 100 Plus Club

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With an expected attendance of 10,000 Arrowmen, a lot of recruitment among local lodges will be needed. The 100 Plus Club is a challenge to lodges to bring 100 or more of their members to NOAC 2015. Lodges that meet this goal will be specially recognized for their accomplishment during the conference. They must also meet the basic criteria for the Centennial Challenge.

The lodges below have accepted the challenge of the 100 Plus Club and includes their attendance goal.

If your lodge is not in the list, please have the lodge adviser or lodge chief contact your Centennial Guide to discuss these opportunities so we can track your progress toward the big centennial celebration! See you at Michigan State University for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference!

Central Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
C-1A Totanhan Nakaha Northern Star 175
C-1B Ag-im/Awase Bay-Lakes 100
C-2 Noquet Great Lake 200
C-3A Cho-Gun-Mun-A-Nock Hawkeye Area 100
C-3B Illinek Abraham Lincoln 100
C-3B Shawnee/Anpetu-We Greater St. Louis 205
C-5B Tamegonit Heart of America 200
C-6B Ku-Ni-Eh Dan Beard 100

Northeast Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
NE-2A Tschitani Connecticut Rivers #66 100
NE-2A Owaneco Connecticut Yankee #72 100
NE-4B Allohak Menewi Laurel Highland #527 100
NE-5B Witauchsoman Minsi Trails #502 100
NE-6B Sasquesahanough New Birth of Freedom #544 100
NE-6B Octoraro Chester County #539 100

Southern Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
S-2N Mikanakawa Circle Ten #571 150
S-4 Tipisa Central Florida #83 100
S-4 O-Shot-Caw South Florida #84 100
S-4 Aal-Pa-Tah Gulf Stream #85 100
S-4 Seminole Gulf Ridge #86 100
S-4 Echockotee North Florida #87 100
S-4 Semilacheee Suwanee River Area #664 100
S-7A Shenshawpotoo Shenandoah Area #598 100
S-7A Nawakwa Heart of Virginia #602 100
S-7B Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Old North State #70 100
S-7B Occoneechee Occoneechee #421 104
S-8 Ta Tsu Hwa Indian Nations #488 100
S-9 Coosa Greater Alabama #1 200
S-9 Egwa Tawa Dee Atlanta Area #92 100
S-9 Mowogo Northeast Georgia #101 101

Western Region

Section Lodge Council Goal
W-1S Wauna La-Mon`Tay Cascade Pacific #492 100
W-6W Wipala Wiki Grand Canyon #10 100
W-5S Tahosa Denver Area #61 125
W-4N Malibu Western L. A. #51 100
W-4S Wiatava Orange County #39 150