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National Bulletin LXIX Articles

October 29, 2016     National Bulletin

Issue 4

Post 9/11 - one Scout's project to last a lifetime in remembrance

Planning and executing an Eagle Scout service project is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding, steps on the trail to Eagle. Troy Neubecker of Tisquantum Lodge of Old Colony Council, which oversees part of eastern Massachusetts, wanted to make his project special.

Matt Dukeman selected as new OA Team Specialist

On September 15, Matt Dukeman began his service as the Order of the Arrow's fifth OA Specialist.

Arrowman recruits 30 others to serve on Project 2013 staff

One Arrowman, Brady Kumler, took it upon himself to get the word out about this great project and was able to recruit 30 Arrowmen from his lodge and surrounding area to serve on the Project 2013 staff.

Issue 2

Harnesssing the Power of Twitter

For those who have not glanced at the social network in which users send messages or "tweets" throughout the day, they are missing out on a great way to blog-without the blog part.

 Issue 1

Defining what your lodge has accomplished: The Annual Report

Looking for new ideas for your lodge's annual report? Learn how Witauchsoman Lodge has created a video that is part of the annual report that high lights information and statistics of the year.

Service About Self

You may recall the devastating tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama in April 2011. What you may not know is that an Arrowman took action to help those in need. Brotherhood member James O'DWyer co-founded Magnolia Disaster Relief to assist those in need.

Like. Comment. Share. Hashtag. Retweet.

Social networking has surrounded daily life. Youth Arrowmen interact with social networks on a daily basis. Learn how social media can enhance the experience of the lodge, chapter and Arrowman.

Social Media Management Best Practices

Maintaining a consistent and professional social media image can be a daunting task. Learn about one application that can assist you with keeping that polished presence.