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Arrowman recruits 30 others to serve on Project 2013 staff

  Brent Wessel       October 29, 2016       National Bulletin

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The 2013 National Scout Jamboree is the biggest Scouting event next year. But an event that size cannot be executed without the work and service of many Scouts and Scouters across the country. The Order of the Arrow recognizes this need and is helping out with the Project 2013 program, providing Arrowmen to the Jamboree to serve and help in certain necessary support and program capacities. One Arrowman, Brady Kumler, took it upon himself to get the word out about this great project and was able to recruit 30 Arrowmen from his lodge and surrounding area to serve on the Project 2013 staff.

Brady Kumler is the service chairman from Mowogo Lodge serving North Georgia Council and this role put him in the perfect position to promote Project 2013. Kumler's experience and love of cheerful service first attracted him to Project 2013 and similar programs in the past. Kumler's decision to start promoting Project 2013 started when he served in a similar capacity on the OA Service Corps at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. His own experience there got him fired up to get more Arrowman to participate in the similar program he had. He began relating the stories, experiences and lessons he learned at the 2010 Jamboree to his fellow lodge members.

Kumler's lodge also took a large contingent to SummitCorps during the summer of 2011, allowing these Arrowmen to see a preview of the jamboree and to help prepare the site for the event. For these reasons and others, several of Kumler's fellow lodge members became very excited about the opportunity at Project 2013 afforded them.

Kumler and the other members of Mowogo's Project 2013 staff contingent were attracted to the program for two reasons. First, it is a less expensive way to attend the jamboree. Secondly, the Project 2013 staff will be the first to try out the new jamboree programs before the event begins.

"Fun, cheerful service is what the Order is all about," said Kumler. "And that's exactly what Project 2013 will be for those that serve on staff."

The Mowogo Lodge members are excited to be part of the first OA Service Corps at the new jamboree site, and leave their mark of service in the mountains of West Virginia.

To learn how you and your lodge can make Scouting history with Mowogo Lodge at Project 2013, go to