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Social Media Management Best Practices

  Alex Call       October 29, 2016       National Bulletin

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If you are a lodge or chapter leader whose group has multiple social media channels, you know that managing those profiles can be time consuming. Maintaining a consistent and professional image while allowing a variety of users, including youth leaders, to contribute can be difficult, as well. However, through the advent of social marketing, companies and software gurus have changed their game in order to provide more efficient, easy, and great ways in which to manage multiple social media profiles, administrators, and messages. Though several of these applications exist, such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, and Sprout Social, I personally recommend MarketMeSuite.

"WHAT is it?"

By combining Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds, MarketMeSuite allows multiple users to post content to multiple profiles, manage interactions across profiles, and collaborate with team members in order to manage content and solve issues.

"WHO should use it?"

The MarketMeSuite is a fantastic tool for lodges, chapters, and other groups to manage their social media profiles. Once your media adviser or delegate has created a master account they can add team members, such as youth chairmen, officers, and committee members, to contribute to pages, manage profiles, and interact with audiences based on their permission level.

"HOW much is it?"

This is the best part, for the basic edition it is free. The only limitations include three social media profiles, three RSS feeds, seven-day analytic logs, and a 48-hour message archive. All other features, including unlimited administrators and permissions, photo uploading, unlimited status updates, and much more are included free of charge in both the basic and upgraded plans.

"WHY should we implement it?"

Through its easy-to-use profile, seamless integration, and permission-based collaboration tools, MarketMeSuite allows your lodge or chapter to manage multiple social media profiles with the security of a moderation system. Multiple users can post content, master administrators can approve it, and your team can manage consistent and professional Facebook pages/groups, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn profiles without the hassle of multiple websites and passwords, not to mention long hours and worn keyboards. Plus, unlike many competitors, almost everything you would ever need is in the basic edition, which is free!

"WHERE can I find more information?"

You can find all the information about the MarketMeSuite on the company website, at

As your lodge or chapter moves into the digital world of social media, be sure to do some research on social media management tools in order to find out which solution is best for our group. Whether with the MarketMeSuite or another tool, you will find a solution that builds a more interactive, more motivated, and a more informed group.

The guidelines for the Order of the Arrow's Social Media Policy may be found here: Link to the Official OA Social Media Policy

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