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Join us at Philmont for the inaugural National Gathering of Alumni

  April 14, 2022

Scouting alumni across the country are invited to the Philmont Scout Ranch, where the BSA Alumni Association will host a six-day event from June 12-18, 2022. Regardless of your current involvement in Scouting, this conference will build and/or rekindle your connections to the Scouting program. Join BSA alumni leaders to learn how to better engage with your local program, connect with other OA and BSA alumni, and empower you to return in service as an advocate, active volunteer and ambassador for Scouting in your area.

The National Gathering of Alumni (NGA) will not just be an academic experience; it will have a key focus on roundtables, networking socials, leadership talks and much more. Affiliate and affinity group fairs will provide participants the opportunity to meet OA Alliance leadership face-to-face. 

Whether this is your first time to Philmont or you are a returning visitor, you will have a free day to trek up the Tooth of Time, take a sunrise hike to Lover’s Leap, explore the Seton Memorial Library and National Scouting Museum or Villa Philmonte and visit Tooth of Time Traders

Traveling to Philmont? Journey along with your fellow alumni and make the trip a summer experience with your old Scouting friends. Plus, the Philmont Training Center offers programs for kids; spouses are also welcome to attend, meaning you can bring the entire family.

The inaugural National Gathering of Alumni will give you a unique opportunity to identify the best ways to help Scouting grow in your area - regardless if you want to get involved with a local unit, be a Scouting advocate or assist at the district or council level. 

Learn more and register for the NGA at