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Welcome to the OA Alliance


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Dear OA Alumni, 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Order of the Arrow Alliance! 

Now I know you must be thinking, “Why the heck am I still receiving emails from the Order of the Arrow / the Boy Scouts if I have not been involved in years?” If that is the case, you are exactly the person we are looking for. 

You and the OA might have parted ways for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you moved away from your local lodge, or your lodge merged and no longer exists as you remember it. Maybe we failed to explain how to get involved in the first place, and so you did not come back after completing your Ordeal. 

Whatever the case, my request to you is this: give us one more chance. 

The OA Alliance is a home for former OA members like yourself to stay connected with the OA. Think of us as an alumni association for the Order of the Arrow. As a new member of the OA Alliance, you will receive our quarterly eNewsletter, the Alliance Spark, which contains engaging content that will connect you with the OA and other Scouting and OA alumni. Down the road, we plan to launch exclusive programs for OA Alliance members like yourself, merchandise and more.

So, give us this chance. Before you send us to your spam folder, check out this and our next couple correspondences, and see if the OA is worth reconnecting to. Think back to all the good times you had in Scouting -- the brotherhood shared, the friendships formed -- and let us help you rekindle those good times. 

Have questions or ideas? Check out our FAQ page or shoot us a note at @email

Looking forward to having you back on the trail. 

Yours in Scouting, 

Sean McCabe
OA Alliance Coordinator