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Ask the Chairman - What training resources are available to help my lodge?

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman

Q: Ray,
I am the training chairman for my lodge. I am looking for resources that might help me to develop a series of continual training sessions for our lodge executive committee. What resources are available to help with this project?

A: John,
Continuous training is the only way we all can improve our performance as leaders! Luckily for you, the OA training team has assembled several online resources to help you train your lodge leaders. These include:

  • OA Training Portal:
    Here you can access training syllabi from past National OA Conferences, and Lodge Leadership Development courses. There are also sessions designed for lodge advisers to better understand their roles as advisers.

  • Conclave Training Initiative:
    The Conclave Training Initiative is developed to provide at least one training session each year for sections to use to augment their own conclave training. Many of these sessions can also be used at the local lodge level.

  • Section Conclaves:
    Close to home, your section is filled with experienced Arrowmen who have presented training sessions at your section conclave and section training events. Contact your section leadership to see how you can make best use of the resources at the section level.

You are not left alone in training your lodge leadership! There are many resources available online to help you. Keep up this very important work and good luck!