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Ask the Chairman - Use of Lodge Numbers

January 24, 2015     Ask the Chairman

Q. Ray,

Please provide guidance on the use of lodge numbers on patches, lodge logos, apparel, etc. As a newly formed lodge, we were assigned a number that is the same as our council. Should we even be identifying ourselves by number? Is it appropriate to use our lodge number on our merchandise?

Thank you,


A. Hi Merrill:

I appreciate you checking in on your question. A few years ago, the national OA organization moved to a program of identifying lodges by use of their council number for purposes of registration, rechartering, etc. There were a fair number of improved administrative systems that run more smoothly with this identification, but the procedure also helps remind lodges that they exist to support their council and have no official life beyond it.

However, the national OA organization neither promotes nor discourages the use of numbers associated with lodges. If your lodge executive committee wishes to use a number as part of your logo or on your flaps, we leave that to their discretion. Many lodges have a great deal of pride in their "number" and encourage its use. We encourage lodges to do what will build membership and retain members.

Best wishes to you and all of our brothers!