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Ask the Chairman - OA Assistant Scoutmaster Patch

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman

Q. Ray,
There is some confusion about the OA adviser patch for the assistant Scoutmaster in my area. Some people are saying that the patch for the ASM with the red arrow can only be worn after the troop earns the OA Unit of Excellence Award. Others say that patch, for that position, is available to be worn by the individual in that position regardless of whether the award has been earned yet. Which is the correct definition?


A. Andrew:
Thank you for your question. If you are wondering about this, I am sure others are as well. Glad you asked.

The patch you mention is the official adviser patch for the unit. It can be worn at anytime. In fact, we expect that Scoutmasters will appoint these assistant Scoutmasters to help the troop or team representative to achieve the Unit of Excellence Award, so many ASMs will be wearing it on their way to earning the Unit of Excellence Award. The position patch simply designates that person as the ASM who is advising the troop or team representative and helping him to be successful.

I hope this helps!