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Ask the Chairman - NOAC Centennial Promotion Patch on Uniform

January 24, 2018     Ask the Chairman

Q: Mike,

I and many others in my lodge who attended NOAC 2015 sewed the promotional patch on our uniforms above the right pocket. Most of us still have it sewn on our uniforms. There are some in our lodge and council who are saying this is incorrect and that we should remove the patch.

I have looked online and have found three different answers. The patch was issued with a one time permission to wear above the right pocket:

1) "on a PERMANENT basis by that wearer"

2) "only through 2015"

3) no time frame given

My question is this: can attendees of NOAC 2015 continue to wear the centennial NOAC promotional patch above the right pocket rather than a national Scout jamboree patch?

Yours in Brotherhood,



A: Ed,

Thanks for the email. The official answer is no, that you may no longer wear it. Here was the official position from the BSA Insignia folks when the National Order of the Arrow Committee issued the patch. The committee’s position has not changed.

NOAC PROMOTION PATCH: A specially designed NOAC 2015 promotion patch will be mailed to contingent leaders after their participant reservation deposits are received in the national office. Participants are encouraged to wear the patch to help promote the conference. (The BSA has granted the OA one-time permission to wear the promotion patch where the national Scout jamboree patch is worn on the Scout uniform through 2015.) The patch is to be removed at the end of 2015.

I hope this helps! Thanks for doing what you do!