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Ask the Chairman - Military Commitments

January 27, 2013     Ask the Chairman

Q. Ray,

Due to military commitments, a member of our lodge is unable to keep his Vigil with us. Can he complete his Vigil at the Lodge where he is stationed in the military or does it have to be his home Lodge?

Very Respectfully,


A. Stephen:

Thanks so much for your question; it is a good one.

Lodge Advisers who operate in or near a council which has a large military presence experience these types of questions, frequently.

Ordinarily, we want to see Arrowmen receive their Vigil induction in their home lodge. Under circumstances where the Arrowman is re-assigned to a new duty station in the military, the Vigil induction doesn't have to be done by the home lodge. This is something handled between Lodge Advisers. The home Lodge Adviser sends the Vigil Certificate to the Lodge Adviser at the new duty station requesting that they induct the candidate and report that induction back to the home lodge. This is for recordkeeping. The Arrowman doesn't become a member of the new lodge or count as one of their selections.

Please discuss this with the Adviser of your home lodge and if they have further questions, please refer them to your Section Adviser, Region Chairman, or me for further clarification.