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Ask the Chairman - How do I get the OA program restarted in a troop?

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman

Q: Mr. Capp,
We are relatively new to a troop with no current OA program. My OA membership dates back to 1990 and I cannot recall the process. As it stands, I am the only troop member who is in the OA. How do we as a troop re-start electing OA members? I cannot find an easy guide to getting this going again. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Most kindly,

A: Robert,

Thank you for your e-mail! I hope I may be of some help to you in restarting the OA program in your troop.

Troop OA elections are administered by the local lodge and the procedures can vary from council to council depending on the infrastructure each lodge has in place to conduct unit elections. The person you should contact is your local lodge adviser. The lodge adviser serves as the top OA adult volunteer in each council, so he or she can help point you in the right direction for OA unit elections in your council.

Additionally, we think you will find it helpful to read pages 20-23 of the Guide for Officers and Advisers as it outlines general requirements for OA membership and also the induction process.

Thank you for bringing the OA program to your troop so many other boys can experience the great leadership opportunities the OA provides!